Toepen Computer Game

Toepen is a Trick-taking card game known in the Netherlands but also in the western part of Germany (under the name "Tuppen"/"Schröömen"). Every player starts at first with a number of lines, which can be bet in the play-rounds (called "toep"). You may check the full game instructions either in the software (menu item "Explanation"), at or at Wikipedia

I would be glad when you recommend this website to your friends. At irregular intervals, I will publish new versions here on my website (that fixes bugs or contains more functionality).

Available play modes:

-Play against computer opponents

-Start a network game e.g. over the Internet. Please note the topic of port forwarding at the FAQ

-Join a network game

Please be patient when a card, which was selected to be discarded, doesn't react or rather nothing happens. Wait a moment and try it again.

You may make a contribution on the software by:

-correcting the Dutch translation

-informing me about errors/bugs and sending the corresponding log-file (logs are in the Logs-subfolder) and a short description of failure.

Please contact me by e-mail (address can be found at the "Kontakt/Impressum" page).

Note for the network game (Internet):

The host / server of the game (to whom all the other players connect to) may change the configuration of the following game. He may add computer opponents or choose special variations (e.g. "2 for 3" or "blind raise"). After the player who hosts the game, established the connection, he can tell his IP address (you may use a service like to the other players, that they are able to join the game.

Before you host / serve a game, test the connection by asking a friend to connect to your established connection. You will find out, whether your port forwarding of your router and firewall is set up correctly (see FAQ). It may be helpful to communicate with your friend through this test by phone or messenger.

Please note: Any network player, who doesn't react in 60 seconds will automatically be fold. Should anyone be disconnected e.g. because of connection problems, the game will also go on in maximally 60 seconds.

Download: Schroemen0.7.2.jar     (Changelog)     Languages: English, Dutch, German

You need a current version of Java ( to run the game. It should be executable on all common operating systems. This is not a mobile app.

It is helpful to save the downloaded jar-file in an own folder (e.g. "toepen") because a configuration file and a subfolder for logs will be created.

For questions and problems please check the FAQ first. When your question isn't answered, please send me an e-mail (see "Kontakt/Impressum").

I am looking forward to hearing from you.
Currently providing a possibility to publish a running network game to find other players doesn't make sense at this point. It's the same with a tournament functionality. But maybe someday...

Video and screenshot (please watch in full screen):

Gameplay video (dutch) If the playback is choppy, deactivate the HD

Gameplay video (english)


You may find the german description of the game (Tuppen/Schröömen) here